Wednesday, April 15, 2020

How to Use Leftover Paper with Malin

Hello hello and welcome back!

Today I want to give you 3 tips on how to use up your left over papers. I know we all have them right? At least I do, and a lot too. Making new projects all the time leaves you with so much paper scraps and then you have just piles and piles with so many beautiful small pieces of papers. And I at least DON`T want to throw it away. Because this beautiful paper does cost money, right?

So I will show you today what I usually do with my paperscraps.
I will also have a video for you on youtube where I show you how I make this small projects with my left overs.

First of all I often use the bigger pieces of my papers and create paper backgrounds on cards. I can also use it for layouts or on my project life cards. But most of the time I make cards and when I use this on my cards I have a bunch of ready to go cards to use and the only thing I need to do is to decorate it for the occasion I want to use it for later on. I do sizes as 15x15cm, 10x15cm and 10x10 cm. This is the most common sizes I use.

The second thing I use the paperscraps for are to making flowers! I love making this easy lollipop flowers, and this is something I can easily do in front of the tv if I would like to! Also a perfect little small project to do when looking at you tube.
I think they are so cute and you can make them with or without glitter. A perfect way of also using brads!

The last thing I use to do is small banners. Small banners that I can use as decorations on both cards and layouts etc. Perfect to use up all small stripes that has been left from my papers that you usually throw away because you can´t use them for so many things.
This - it´s perfect!

I hope you liked this small tips of using paperscraps.
Let us know how YOU use your paperscraps?

Products I Used:
Paperscraps from the collection Family Heirloom and Garden grove.
Different brads from many of the collections.

Have a nice day!