Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Valentine Village with Stamping

With Christmas over, are you finding yourself missing those holiday decorations?

I know I have been, and am thinking about decorating my home with Valentine themed items. I have been thinking about this a lot, so I decided to make a village of little houses. Look at the fun way I added these cute Love Birds to my village homes decoration.

First, I have to tell you , I created the homes out of spare chipboard that I had. You know the stuff you get with packs of paper? that stuff. You could also use cereal boxes or milk cartons as well.

What I did was to make two matching sides for each house. One side was peaked at the top ( imagine a triangle sitting on top of a rectangle), the other side is straight across. It doesn't matter about the size, you can create big ones or teeny ones, it's all up to you. Mine are around 10" high for the tallest, and about 5" high for the shortest. The roof is a piece of chipboard I scored down the middle- then adhered to the peaked and straight sides of the top of the house.

To keep them together- I scored scrap papers the length of the house, and glued the two sides of the score into each corner( on the inside of the corners), this keeps the houses together. First though, take the time to adhere your papers to the outside of the house, this make things much easier to cover.

As you can see, I have added lots of little touches to each house. I have cut out some of the Love Bandit plaques and added them to the fronts, then built layers over them. I stamped this house with the Persuasion bracket spot stamp, cut it out and then layered a journal spot over top.

To stamp the birds, I used the Love Birds stamp, stamping twice, then cutting out the bird face and adding foam tape to the back, before layering the face onto the bird. I also used the hearts and stamped them, then cut them out and foam taped the back before I layered them onto the houses.

I love how the stamped birds make the houses look like a home, as if they are also bird houses.

I have added in flowers, twine, buttons, punched shapes, and some berry stems in white. There is a little bit of corrugated paper that I made into a roof for the smaller house.

I also have been very liberal with a clear crystal glitter, it looks like sugaring and I bought this stuff in a good sized bottle at the craft store. Christmas may be all packed up, but all that glitters is not gone in our home.

You can see, I glittered the roof, the berry stems, the stamped hearts, the buttons and the bottoms of the houses to look frosty, like there might still be snow on the ground.

Add these to your craft list today! Hope you enjoyed today's post!

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  1. I'm SOOOOOOOO inspired! They are just beautiful!!!

  2. OMG!!! these are fabulous!! them all....the most creative DT..totally ROCKS!!!!

  3. SIMPLY A-MAZZZZZZZING!!!! I want to come and live in one of them :) Just precious -- I think I have to make a village of my own too :)


  4. Wow Kristen! Fabulous work! Those houses are just adorable1

  5. Adorable!! Very inspiring! Just way too cute! :)

  6. These are so wonderful! I need to make some today! Thank you for sharing this delightful project!

    Barbara Diane

  7. I have villages for most major holidays, but not Valentines Day. Great job enjoyed looking at them.

  8. Love, love, love your houses Kris!!!! Perfect!

  9. Oh! I need some little house now for my counter! I wasn't missing my Christmas decorations at all until I saw these and now I need some in my home right away! Guess I know what I will be doing with my craft time!

  10. These little houses are adorable, love the cute little birds.

  11. hi,
    they are just gorgeous houses
    dont you have a tutorial of these ?
    would love to si it!

    xx Sonja

  12. Oh my those are so stinkin cute love them!

  13. These are soooo stinkin' CUTE! Fabulous job, Kristen!

  14. These are adorable, and a great project for this time of year. Thanks for the ideas!

  15. These are so adorable! Thanks for the inspiration and all the tips.

  16. Wow, so cute. I am loving the Paradise line especially it would work perfectly for my family trip to Hawaii.