Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fun Flower Flip Flops!

Happy summer everyone! I can't tell you how much my kids and I are enjoying the lazy days of summer this year. I hope you are too! Right now our days are pretty carefree so we've been spending our time swimming, playing and being creative. Both my children love arts and crafts. They'll spend hours drawing, painting or just creating whatever their imaginations have dreamed up. But my daughter, Sheridan, especially loves all things Bo Bunny and would happily jump at the chance to play with my box of goodies. It's all those gorgeous colors...I can so relate! So I thought this flip flop project would be just the thing for her.

To create them, my daughter and I started with a couple pairs of dollar flip flops that can be found at many local craft stores. And it was kismet that we found some in the fun, vibrant colors of two of Bo Bunny's new collections - Sun Kissed and Petal Pushers.

First, we used a hole punch tool about 1/8" diameter that is strong enough to punch through the plastic material and punched a hole in the center of the strap.

She inserted a brad from the bottom up so that the prongs showed on top. We did this to avoid the prongs from scratching her feet. The smooth head of the brad can't be felt at all and won't cause any irritation. Then she layered various flowers on top of the brad prongs. Once she had the flowers in place, she opened the prongs and pressed them flat.

With the flowers secured to the strap, she then adhered the buttons and gems to the center of the flowers to cover the prongs. We used a strong adhesive to keep the embellishments in place. And voila! That's it! They take all of about 5 minutes to put together.

For these flip flops she used the coordinated colors within each collection, but she already has plans to mix and match colors from previous lines to create her own color combos. I may need to hide my supplies! :)

Aren't they adorable? I may need a pair for myself!

So whether you're looking for a rainy day project for kids or maybe a girly craft for an upcoming party, these flip flops are the perfect quick summer craft for the little divas in your house. And with Bo Bunny's colorful array of Fabric Flowers and Buttons & Bling you can put together these cute flip flops in a flash!

Tip: If you do not have a hole punch or choose not to use one, simply use a very strong adhesive to attach the flowers and other embellishments.

Have fun creating!


  1. These are so cute!! When my niece comes to visit this summer, I think I have a project!!!

  2. Oh how cute are they?! I love the tip about putting the brad in upside down - that's really smart!

  3. Love these Patti!! Thanks for the fun summer craft!!

  4. They are very pretty flipflops. I love'em!! Thanks for sharing!
    xx Monica

  5. WOW! These flip flops are ADORABLE! I will definitely use this idea to entertain my daughter, nieces... and myself! LOL TFS!

  6. Great idea!! I love flip flops:):):)

  7. Oh my gosh!!! I LOVE them .... how many pairs of flip flops do I have to decorate???? Endless ideas..thanks!

  8. Cute, cute, cute! Love these!

  9. Oh how much fun are these! I love that the Bo Bunny products have the fun colour combination and can be done to suit any wardrobe! Great project!

  10. These are so cute1 I just made my daughter a pair to go with her new outfit for her Girl Scout Girls Night Out to see Eclipse tomorrow night!