Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The ABC's of BoBunny - D

Today's blog post is brought to you by...
the letter D!!!

Lets start with

Don isn't only the husband of Jan, he is a major part of BoBunny.
Here is Don and Jan with their beautiful grandkids.

We thought we'd ask Don a couple of questions...

Q: What is it like working with the office of women?
A: I've learned to be emotional and not logical...
and they are funner than most of the guys I've worked
with in my previous occupation.

Q: Life before BoBunny?
A: Electrical engineering. He never thought
he'd work in the scrapbooking industry.

Q: Favorite part about working at BoBunny?
A: The treats! We have a good open family atmosphere
than a working atmosphere. Also, we get to
wear a lot of hats so its never boring.

Q: Official title?
A: Head gopher.
Don does accounting, inventory control, networks, computers,
purchase orders, minor carpentry, electrical work,
press checks, and whatever else needs to be done.

Here's Don and Jan dressed up in their biking gear for Halloween.

Q: How do you feel about working with family?
A: His wife is legally his boss 24/7/365.
She's the boss at home and at work.
He said he still can't tell his son anything...
son's never listen to their dad's unless they want something.

Q: Travel with BoBunny?
A: Hong Kong, China, South Africa, Spain,
Netherlands, Chicago, Florida, California, Las Vegas.

Q: Funny BoBunny story?
A: At one of the trade shows, Don fell asleep in the hotel room
and the BoBunny girls painted his toenails. When he woke up,
he was walking around and stubbed his toe.
He looked down and realized all his toes had all been painted.

Don also is a good cook. He's really into cars and motorcycles.
Likes old things and collects toys...old metal cars, etc.

Next we have...
Delilah was one of our number one selling collections in its day.
Ever wonder where we got the name from?
Meet Delilah...

Isn't she a doll? She is the Daughter of Misty's (one of our graphic designers) cousins
Here are some of our favorite projects created with the Delilah Collection.

Next we have everyones favorite cardstock!

BoBunny's Double Dot Collection!!!

But lets focus on the D named Double dots

Decaf Dot

Dark Denim Dot

Deep Sea Dot

Our last but not least D would have to be...

Die Cuts!!!

Who doesn't love a good 12" Die Cut???
Here are our 6 new Die Cuts....

Well, that's it for the D's
What are your favorite D's???


  1. That Dot paper is pretty awesome----my fave "d" would have to be DALTON---my last name

  2. Awesome "D"s

    Love the new die cuts - cannot wait to play with these babies!!

    My favourite d as of right this second....

    *Grande Dark*

  3. the Die Cuts are to die for..love 'em

  4. The die cuts are just beautiful. I can't wait to go get these babies!

  5. What a great post!!! I'm loving the double dot cardstock myself. ;)
    - April W

  6. love the diecuts. especially the reading one.

  7. I love the Diecuts and the Dots--ha ha that's everything!

  8. I love everything!!! especially the pink dot paper an wow all the die cuts!!

  9. I just love the Die cuts, all of them!

  10. Love the pictures of Delilah, what a cutie, but then I am her Grandma

  11. Wow i am loving all the D's.....

  12. Diecuts and Double Dots... delicious! :)

  13. double dot is definitely my favorite D! It is my go-to paper for so many project - love it!

  14. my fav d is the deep sea dot.

    and loved the interview and the name delilah, yeap! :)

  15. What a fun post!! It's fun to hear the 'behind the scenes' thing! I can't decide my favorite between the die-cuts and the double dots!! Both are TERRIFIC!!

  16. I love the die cuts. I have to say D for Don is nice too b/c that's my DH's name!

  17. Delilah is a doll! No wonder you named a line after her!

  18. How adorable is she??? Loved that line! My favorite D is the double dot for SURE!

  19. Nice post! Just looove the die cuts! xoxo

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  21. The die cuts definitely! Never seen the reading one! (Although pic of Don as a biker comes a close second!)

  22. toss up between the die cuts and the double dot - they are both yummy!

  23. Decaf Dot is delish...but then the Die cuts are delightful...And how could I not mention Don the dapper dude of Bo-Bunny