Thursday, October 21, 2010

2PG LAYOUT DAY!!!! - Whoo-ligans

Today the design team created 2pg layouts for 
HALLOWEEN using the Whoo-ligans Collection.

Lets take a look.

How To Scare The Living Daylights 
Out of Your Baby Brother!

Designer: Mireille Divjak

Supplies Used: Whoo-ligans Spooky Die Cut, Whoo-ligans, 
Whoo-ligans Grrr, Whoo-ligans Stripe, Whoo-ligans Boo, 
Whoo-ligans Madness, Orange Citrus Double Dot,
Purple Rose Trim, Whoo-ligans Stickers, Chipbaord, 
iCandy 3D stickers, Rub-ons, Noteworthy, and Stamp

Tombow Supplies Used: Adhesive Tombow Mono Roller Perm. Adhesive,
Tombow Glue Pen, Brush Pens: Tombow Art - Retro

Other Supplies Used: Pens, Embossing Powder, Ink, Paint

Bobbing For Donuts

Designer: Janis Medina

Supplies Used: Whoo-ligans Boo, Whoo-ligans Dot, Whoo-ligans Grrr,
Whoo-ligans Madness, Whoo-ligans Monsters, Whoo-ligans Stripe,
Whoo-ligans Wrap, Whoo-ligans Combo Sticker, Whoo-ligans Chipboard, Chunky Charms

Tombow Supplies Used: Tombow Mono Aqua Liquid Glue,
Tombow Mono Liquid Glue, Tombow Permanent Roller Adhesive

Designer Notes: This is my 2nd two-pager in my entire scrapbooking life!!! The key I think is
negative space.  I don't want to overwhelm myself to fill the entire space, so I incorporate some
white space.  I also took into consideration that I'll be keeping my layout inside a page protector, 
so I made sure that the design works both as a double pager but also as two separate 12" layouts.
I also used my chunky charms circle chipboards as a template in cutting out my circles.

Halloween's Fad

Designer: Michele Beck

Supplies Used: Whoo-ligans, Whoo-ligans Madness, Whoo-ligans Grrr,
Whoo-ligans Spooky Die Cut, Whoo-ligans Cut Out, Whoo-ligans Combo Sticker,
Whoo-ligans Chipboard, Purple Rose Trim, Monsters on Parade Cardstock Sticker, 
Whoo-ligans iCandy Chipboard, Black Tulle Petal, Whoo-ligans iCandy Brads

What A Bunch Of Whoo-ligans!

Designer: Carin McDonough

Supplies Used: Whoo-ligans, Whoo-ligans Spooky Die Cut,
Whoo-ligans Rahh, Whoo-ligans Cut Out, Whoo-ligans 12" Combo Sticker,
Whoo-ligans 12" Chipboard, Whoo-ligans iCandy Sticker, 
Whoo-ligans Rubons, Whoo-ligans Noteworthy, Grape Double Dot

Tombow Supplies Used: 
Tombow Permanent Roller Adhesive

Other Supplies Used: Punches, Buttons

The Pick of the Patch

Designer: Robbie Herring

Supplies Used: Whoo-ligans, Whoo-ligans Batty, Whoo-ligans Dot,
Whoo-ligans Cut Out, Whoo-ligans Combo Sticker, Whoo-ligans Batty for Candy,
Whoo-ligans Spooky Die Cut, Whoo-ligans iCandy Brads,
Whoo-ligans Noteworthy, Black Tulle Flower, Orange Citrus and Grape Double Dot

Tombow Supplies Used: 
Tombow Permanent Roller Adhesive

Thanks girls for the SPOOKY layouts!!!


  1. Boo!:0)

    Those layouts are all amazing! You all did such a great job on the two pagers.

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    I love the first one!

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  8. really have fun making mine, and i soooo love watching yours ladies !!! so inspiring !

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