Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Photography 101 - Halloween Pictures

Today we are going to talk about HALLOWEEN!!!

Lets face it, its hard to get a good shot of those kiddies in their costume.
It's often to dark when we take our photos causing strange color and the dreaded RED EYE!

Here are some easy tips that could make capturing this fun and exciting holiday easier!

Tip number 1 - Most important for capturing those Ghouls and Goblins
 is use natural light if possible!  We talked about lighting in our last photography post and 
lighting is still just as important even on Halloween.

Take a look...

Photo Courtesy of Shanna Vineyard
See how this photo still has the Halloween feel even though its bright outside? 
Such a great shot of this vampire cutie!

Tip number 2 - Capturing the mood.
Yes you can take successful photos when it is 
dark out and it can be great for setting the mood of the photo.  
Below is a great example of this.  The lighting is perfect.  
No harsh shadows on the face from an unnatural flash.  
Just take a look at your surroundings and you may 
be surprised the lighting you can find.

These dark set pictures can also turn out great if you pose
your subjects in "The Flash Range" the area in which
the flash actually reaches the subjects and lights up their adorable faces.

Photo courtesy of Shanna Vineyard

Tip number 3 - Get the details. Take shots of your kids transition 
between beautiful child to scary creature! Do close ups to show the details of their costumes, 
their make up, accessories and there adorable faces. 
And of course have them pose acting out their costume!  
These few things will make your photos so much more fun 
and interesting, not to mention easier to scrapbook!

Tip number 4 - Use props!  We all...well most of us decorate our door steps, or houses, or something!  Use it!  They make the best backdrop for those Halloween photos.

Tip number 5 - Last but not least...HAVE FUN!  And let your kids have fun.
Don't torture them with too many photos (you MAMA-RAZZI's)
when they are eager to get out there trick-or-treating.  
Having a plan a head of time will help you get those cute little monsters
 out the door even faster and you'll all enjoy your night together much more!



  1. Great tips. I can't wait for trick or treaters.

  2. Love Halloween! Can't wait to try these tips! Thinking today might be a great day for a photo shoot!

  3. Thanks!! We're all excited 'cause there's a baby in the family for the first time in 15 years or so. He's 7 months old-perfect! :)

  4. thanks for the tips. when we scrapbook we need all the help with photos as we can get. I see some of my old pics and oh boy. i wish I can go back in time.. LOL

  5. Fabulous tips! We actually do our "halloween photoshoot" early - in fact, yesterday afternoon :) It was fabulous because I was able to use the afternoon sunlight - the kids were not hyped over the excitment of going out, nor in a rush to get through things, or cranky from a busy day. Then, come the day of, I can take a few photos of the hyped-up-ready-to-go BUT I know I've also gotten some fabulous cute smiles :)

  6. oh ! this pictures are gorgeous !! i wish i have pictures like this, it give me the taste to scrapbook !

  7. Great pictures! I always have problems with taking night time photos, so I really appreciate the tips! :) I actually used the red-eye one time for my sister (she was dressed as a devil, so the red eye actually was ok! LOL) I'm hoping to remember these tips! Thanks bunches!