Saturday, November 17, 2012

What are Artist Trading Cards?

Although ATC's have been around for quite awhile,
some of us are just being introduced to them. 
Other's have been making and trading them for years.

What are ATC's?
Artist Trading Cards 
Think of it as your own personal, unique fun business card.
There are only a couple rules to making an ATC.
1. It must have a 2 1/2" X 3 1/2" base
2. It must be a one of a kind creation

That's it.
How easy is that? I don't really like to be
restricted by rules, but these two... piece of cake!

I LOVE the cards the girls have made.
I think it's so much fun how their personal style shows in their cards.

Agnieszka Piskorz
Noteworthy: Snow Day
Jewels: Snow Day
Stickers: Combo Snow Day,
Chipboard: Layered Chipboard Snow Day and Powder Mountain
Stamp: Snow Day, Snowfall 

Irene Tan

Patterned Paper: Glad Tidings, The Season, Crossword/Rejoice
Stickers: the First Noel Cardstock Sticker
Trinkets: Rejoice
Jewels: Rejoice
Petals: Rejoice
Lace: Natural Earth

Live Life Beautifully
Debbie Sherman
Patterned Paper: Love Letters Flutter, Hello Sunshine Little Things, Weekend Market Cut Outs
Trinkets:Hello Sunshine

Merry and Bright
Debbie Sherman
Designer Tip: ATC's are a quick and easy way to use up your little scraps. I keep mine in a notebook with baseball card page protectors. They fit perfectly and it's fun to go back and look at them, especially if trade them with friends. 

Patterned Paper:Mistletoe Wrap, Mistletoe Pucker Up, Mistletoe Chevron, Mistletoe Dots
Stickers: Mistletoe Combo Sticker
Chipboard: Mistletoe 12x12 Chipboard

 Luzma Bruna
Love and V is for
 This is Luz's first time making ATC's... I would have never guessed.
They are so so awesome!
6X6 paper pad: Love letters
Jewels: Love Letters
Buttons: Love Letters
Layered Chipboard: Love Letters
Dimensional Stickers: Love Letters
Noteworthy: Love Letters
12X12 Chipboard: Love Letters 

A little more info on ATC's....  these are really fun to make and keep,
but even more fun if you get in a group of friends and make and exchange them.

I have all of mine on a Rolodex and I can not even tell you how much fun 
they are to look and and go through.  Also, it's a great conversation piece.
Everyone that walks in my house asks about it.

When swapping ATC's, be sure to put your name and info on the back of the card.

If you get a chance to play and make your own ATC's....
be sure to share your masterpieces with us!
Have a SUPER weekend!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh the girls totally ROCKED the ATC's!!! These are all amazing!!!

  2. Those ATCs are gorgeous!! I've never made them before but I might try one now!

  3. These are beautiful! I love making ATCs.

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  5. These are awesome! I love making ATC's !

  6. These are awesome!!! Great job on the ATC's!!!

  7. So terrible, love all them!!!
    Gégé from France

  8. i looove making atcs. they are my favorite thing to craft. i have never thought of displaying in a roladex, what a cool idea
    -Rachel w k

  9. these are so much fun and I love how their styles show through on them too!

  10. Amazing ATC's, I've always admired them, and have made a few...any more ideas on what to do with them???