Monday, June 3, 2013

June BLOG Class Week 1 - Key Lime Pocket Album

This album we are making this month is so much fun.

It's an idea you will be able to use OVER & OVER again!!!

a little shout out to all of you who've sent cards for Oklahoma!
You guys ROCK!!!!

This week is pretty quick and easy. 
We are making the skeleton of the book.
Then over the next 3 weeks, 
we'll finish it off and add all the fun stuff.

DON'T FORGET............

We are accepting projects for our DT call until June 16th!
We can't wait to see all your talent!!


  1. Cute pocket album. Will be making the trek out to buy some chipboard soon. LOVE the layout and story about making Utah summery in March. A definite awwww moment.

  2. Love love love!!! The colors in this collection is soooooooooo fun!!!

  3. great video instruction, thanks for sharing. I will add this to my bucket list...

  4. Is the quote "creme del creme Edgar!" from 101 Dalmatians? The two dogs on the farm that get bothered by the butler.

  5. super la vidéo, merci pour l'avoir partager avec nous, vivement de voir la suite, j'adore la collection

  6. Love the album and have all my supplies. One thing I can't find though are the ribbons. Are they still available?

  7. Just sat down to watch the videos again and make this cute project. Surprised and equally disappointed to find that the 19 piece Key Lime collection pack I just purchased online specifically for this mini book does not include the "Clear Blue Sea" paper. Grrrrrr.