Sunday, May 1, 2016

Party Time With Juliet!

Hello Everyone! Today we're showing you how to use the Juliet Party in a box, Paper fans and Designer Notebooks to host the most delightful Tea Party.

I started with the Party in a Box and filled out the invitations and stuck them in their gorgeous envelopes and sealed them with washi!!!  Adorable and easy

I added doilies, flowers and jewels to the alphabet die cuts and banner pieces to create this adorable banner which doubled for a photo booth!

For more decorations, I used the Paper fans.  They are my favorite part of the whole party! I love, love, love fans and these are so easy and sturdy.  They held up wonderfully so I can use them time and time again.

The tags were perfect to stamp the girls names on and tie onto the party favors a.k.a. Designer Notebooks.  And can you see the lovely pics in the cupcakes and the darling straws in the teacups.  too cute!!!  Don't forget to sprinkle the confetti around the table for that last little finishing touch, Good luck not getting carried away!

As you can see you can't go wrong using the Juliet Party in a Box, Paper Fans and Decorative Notebooks for your next party

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