Monday, June 6, 2016

Mixed Media Canvas Tutorial!

"Something old, something new, something blue" Mixed Media canvas with tutorial by Agnieszka Bellaidea.
Tutoring with Mixed Media canvas by Agnieszka Bellaidea for Bo Bunny
If you still a little shy to try new BoBunny mixed media products maybe you can use this simple tutorial as a guide. I will also help you by adding links to all products I used for my project.

Let's start from Gesso and Crackle paste.

Paint your new - or old - canvas with gesso, If you use an older one please allow to dry while painting 2-3 times.

Then apply a nice amount of Crackle Paste Primer. Let it dry. The more you apply the longer time it takes to dry. With nice weather outside or in warm place process of drying it's faster.

White Crackle Paste wad added on the very same spots where the primer was applied. Just one smooth move and lot's of patience. Now you should wait at least 1 hr, well, you can work on another 12x12 page with lovely Butterfly Kisses or ... do your ironing, just kidding! Who would choose to iron instead of playing with BoBunny papers?

While your 12x12 page is waiting to be photographed your crackles are ready and you can use now Glitter Paste to rub it in the crackle with brush, sponge or just a finger.

I used Lemonade and Frost. Did you know there are another 18 colors to choose from? Fabulous!

Time for some Glimmer Spray, I chose Frost.

Spray a little or a lot, just try out what you like , if there is too much color you can always cover it with gesso.

I always like to work with Stencils, I wonder which one will you like the best?

For your design with stencils you can use gesso or modeling paste.

When everything is dry you can start adding other elements like washi tape, bling, jewels, lace,  flowers or chipboard.

A couple more photos to show you details of my  project, I hope I inspired you to try something new!

Thank you for looking and have a great day!

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