Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Down by the Sea and Pentart Rust Effects System with Amy

Hey There Bo Bunny Friends,

Amy here with a great technique to use when wanting to create some more dimension in your ocean theme layouts.

Here is 'Let the Sea Set you Free' Shadow box

The Pentart rust effect.

The rust effect system is quite fun to play with, but there is potential for a little messiness. Read and follow the instructions first and prepare your area there are some important tips to make sure you follow for best results.

1. Use a slow drying paint or gesso as your base for the metal to adhere too.  Pentart Iron Paste is a fabulous option. If you need color, mix your acrylic paints with another medium. 

2. Once you have added your drops of the rust reagents. LET IT DRY!

3. The rust will leak through paper, and it is totally normal. I was ok with this as I was trying to make an underwater scene and it is always good to have a blotch or two of any color. You can always use chipboard on top if you need the rust in specific spots.

Here are some more close ups of my shadow box

I hope you have enjoyed this post and are ready to start playing with your Down by the Sea collection and getting your hands dirty with all the fun Pentart products BoBunny carries. 

Stay Scrappy
Amy x

Materials Used-
Bo Bunny Down by the Sea
-Seahorse Paper
-Coral Paper
Bo Bunny Down by the Sea Noteworthy
Bo Bunny Down by the Sea Chipboard
Bo Bunny Down by the Sea Layered Chipboard
Bo Bunny Glitter Paste Aqua
Pentart Acrylic Paints
Pentart Contour Liner white
Pentart Rust Effect Set

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