Friday, February 7, 2020

Valentine's Day Puzzle Project with A Surprise!

Hi crafty friends!!

Elisa here! So, next Friday is Valentine's Day!!! And today I want to share with you a special project - a funny and technological gift for my hubby!
And of course, the Count the Ways collection was perfect for this!

Here you can see the outside: it seems like a simple gift box, 
with a romantic layout on the front, of course!!!

As embellishments for the cover I used Chipboard Stickers, Cardstock Stickers and a pink Resin Rose.

Not only hearts and roses, but also a wonderful butterfly!!!

As sentiments, I chose XoXo and True Love (both Chipboard Stickers)

And now let's open the box!!!
Slip off the red stripe (I glued the front layout to it):

And let's have a look to the inside!!!

The base is a shadow box. Inside the shadow box, we have 15 little square boxes. Under the box, I glued a magnet sheet, and there is a little magnet inside every box.... So, we can solve this 15 piece puzzle together!

Inside every box, there is a candy. Of course, it's a Valentine Gift box.

But inside every box there is also a piece of picture, with us!!! And you can see the whole picture when you finish the 15 puzzle and you open all the covers.

But... At the beginning of this post I told you that this is also a technological box. Would you like to know why!?
Inside every little box cover, there is a QRcode! 
(the code you see in the picture links to BoBunny blog, but I put in the boxes for my Hubby the links to our favorite songs, places and a special vocal message for this Valentine's Day!)

BoBunny supplies:
Count the Ways 12"x 12" Pad
Count the Ways Bouquet Cardstock
Count the Ways Forever Cardstock
Count the Ways 12"x 12" Chipboard Stickers with foil
Count the Ways 6"x 12" Cardstock Stickers
Count the Ways Resin Hearts

I hope you enjoy my project!!