Thursday, September 8, 2011

Get to know .... Mireille Divjak

Hello everybody.  It’s september and yet we have another episode of “meet the team”.   I am the last of the dutchies… and the last of the team that gets to introduce herself.
I have been away all summer so I wasn’t able to participate last Month.

My name is Mireille Divjak and I live with my family in the absolute north of Holland. From my bedroom window I can see the sea. That isn’t too hard because we have the sea here in the North, East and West.  I was born in the absolute south of Holland close to the Belgium and German border. When I was 18 I made a big change and moved from one side to the other side of Holland. Also I think the south is beautiful I totally lost my heart to the sea. The sad part is that the weather in the Netherlands isn’t so spectacular and it gives a “summer beach vacation” a whole different meaning.

Thank goodness my best friend in the world was born in Istria. He is originally from Pula which has sea on three sides too. East, South and West. The climate is much “better” over there. Way more sun so I am happy we are able to spend our vacations there with friends and family.
- This photo was taken last week on a mountaintop in the German Alps, Oberammergau-

Together we have 2 children. My best creations.

Amber is the oldest. 
She is 6 and started second grade last Monday. She loves swimming, fishing, nature, reading, playing computergames and animals. She is full of life, full of ideas, very impulsive but also very introvert. She is so like her daddy.- this photo was taken last week in a garden in Germany-

Noah is the youngest.
He is 4 and goes to kindergarten. He is a typical boy. Loves wild games.. racing with bicycle.. running around with his best friend. They share a huge love for Thomas the Tank Engine together. Noah is way more extrovert but also very organized. He loves everything in the right place neatly catagorised and will have a fit if it’s not the way it’s “supposed to be”. I have to grin a lot when this happens because I recognize it and I know how it feels.- This picture was taken last week during a boattrip at the Adriatic Sea-

Our family is spread all over the country and all over the world. My brother and parents live in the south of Holland.. but we also have family in Germany, France, Croatia, Serbia, Australia and Canada. When I was pregnant with Amber I was so sad because they weren’t close to me. I decided to start blogging so everybody could read every day what I was up to.. how it was going with the pregnancy etc etc. I started photographing more and more..
I switched systems twice but since 2007 I have thisblog.
It’s still mostly about our family life.. and I mix it with “scrapstuff”. I decided to use labels so it would be much easier for “scrapfollower’s” or family to read what they want to read.

Health has been a big issue in our lives. Saša suffers from heartdisease and basically every day he is still here is a huge gift for us. I myself am still recovering from cancer. It’s changed the way we live our lives massively. It makes a lot of “stuff” not so important anymore…and it makes the little things very,very important.
It makes my blog important. At the end of the year I use this super program to turn it into a book. Our kids are still so little and I am very worried we will be incomplete before they will be able to remember complete.
If that happens.. they will have books. It’s kinda sad.. but better than nothing.

And of course.. there is Scrapbooking. A hobby that grew way out of hand and I love every minute of it. It gives me happiness and joy in sad moments. It distracts my worried mind. It makes me happy. I don’t have my own “space”. I am a livingroom scrapper. Thank goodness I have my own table now. I used to sit at the dinnertable and the whole family would eat on the couch with a plate on their knees. It got messier and messier and now I have my own table on wheels. When I “work” I can roll it in the middle of the room.. watch the kids.. in the evening watch tv. When I am done, I can roll it back so it’s out of the way. It’s a bit messy.. but not half as messy as it used to be.

I have been on the Bo Bunny team for a  little over a year now.. enjoying every minute of it. Needless to say I am deeply in love with the products, but, everybody is also so sweet and supportive. It feels totally amazing.

I would like to end with an anecdote:
I applied for Bo Bunny ‘s DT call last year before I went on vacation in Istria. To be honest it wasn’t the first time I tried out and I was hoping of course but also close to sure I wouldn’t make the cut.. so after a few days abroad I forgot. Untill I got this phonecall from my mom. She asked me what was going on with my blog.
I had no clue what she was talking about since I don’t have internet over there I drop by an internet café every now and again… and for a second I thought my blog might have been hacked or something nasty like that.
So I asked her what she meant.. and she told me.. I don’t understand dear. Did you get the kids a pet? They are all talking about a rabbit.

Now… enough talking. On with some examples.
Unfortunately I received my box just before I went on vacation and I didn’t have much time to play with it yet. I made examples for an article in a dutch magazine and when I got home saturdaynight/ Sunday morning.. after unpacking.. piles of laundry etc  etc.
I played some more but unfortunately I don’t have as much new stuff to share with you yet.

But I will start with a Vicky B. spread I didn’t share yet.

Elf Fantasy Fair - Vicky B. 

Pictures are all from the Elf Fantasy Fair Event. I loved how well these papers matched the fairy costumes.

Cardstock: Double Dot (mint and blush)
Patterned Paper: Vicky B. * Perky *Floricious * Floweret * Stripe * Bubbly

Yum- Sweet Tooth

Amber eating Istrian cake (crème pita)
Cardstock: Double Dot - licorice
Patterned Paper:  Sweet Tooth - * Delish * recipes * yum * sweet tooth
Noteworthy: Sweet Tooth
Layered Chipboard : Sweet Tooth
Jewels: Sweet Tooth
Combo Stickers: Sweet Tooth

One of a kind - Blitzen

(first part of my year project .. I take pictures of the kids every Monday and so I have weekly but also “monthly” pictures where I can see them grow. I love creating a “year in review” with those month pictures and writing the short highlights of the month. This is January and February)
Cardstock: Double Dot – Wild Berry Flourish
Patterned Paper: Blitzen - * Reindeer Games * Dot * Turtle Doves
Trinkets- Blitzen
Brads- Blitzen
Noteworthy- Blitzen
Jewels – Blitzen
Rubons- Blitzen
Combo Stickers- Et Cetera

Then there are a few more oldies, favorites from various collections:

Slush Puppy in Ballorig - Ad Lip

Trunk- Cambridge
Alena - Crazy Love

Love - Crush 

Natuurelfje - Gabrielle 

We the People - Liberty  

shift into high gear - Mama- Razzi 

Noah Frame - Midnight Frost

Bubblegum - Noel

Sugar and Spice - Olivia 

A Step back in time - Timepiece 

Welcome to the Jungle - Zoology 

Krofna - Winter Joy (as seen in Sketches 2 Scrapbook) 

Bloom where you are planted - Vicky B.

How to scare the living daylights out of your baby brother - Whoo-ligans

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me a little better.


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