Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Stamping Stamping Stamping

I'm going to chat about one thing and then we are getting to today's AWESOME post.
I'm on sensory overload this morning...

I came into the office to be welcomed by the Blog Class Project for November.
AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!  You are going to DIE! It's so stinking adorable!
Ha Ha Ha... now you have to wait until I get pictures of it to see it.... 
stay tuned.

Then, as if that weren't enough, I saw today's stamping layouts and can I just say
WOWZA!!!!!  So incredible!!!
The girls have given you tips and tutorials so you can recreate stamping sensations of your own!

You'll want to pin this post so you can go back to it over and over!

 Imagine Your Smile
Irene Tan

 Tip: On this layout, I've used a simple technique which is called the "Resist Stamping". On my layout, I've used some white gesso to stamp the flowers, leaves and the big dragonflies around the photograph. The stamped images will have some textures to it and it is a resist against water based mediums. I've later, misted some water based inks on areas surrounding the stamped images. Before the inks dry, simply just use a wet wipe to lightly dab up the water based inks on the stamped images.

 Bo Bunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Apple Cider
Cardstock: Double Dot in Chocolate Dot
Stickers: Giving Thanks Cardstock Sticker; Apple Cider Combo Sticker
Noteworthy: Apple Cider
Jewels: Apple Cider
Trinkets: Apple Cider
Lace: Natural Earth
Flowers: Wildberry, Natural Earth/Daisy; Wildberry Zinnia
Clear Stamps: Little Miss, Serenade, Forever Fall

Peace, Love, Joy
Tara Orr

 Bo Bunny Supplies:
Acrylic Stamps: Urban
Clear Stamps: Midnight Frost
Blossoms: Wildberry Dahlia, Wildberry Daisy
Buttons: Mistletoe
Brads: Mistletoe
Trinkets: Mistletoe
Jewels: Mistletoe
Chipboard: Mistletoe
Patterned Paper: Chevron, Mistletoe, Pucker Up, Santa's List: Mistletoe

Gabrielle Pollacco
 I also used the new script stamp from Snow Mountain as a background stamp and on the BB bloom to change up the design a little.
 I used the watercolor washed looking side of some BB Chiffon Dot cardstock as the base of my layout and combined some older and newer Bo Bunny flourish stamps to create a border. I stamped with a clear embossing stamp and then added some clear embossing powder and heat set it (above).
 Once I finished doing all the edge stamping and heat embossing, I used some distress ink and working from the outside in, added ink fading it as I worked in. (I used Tim Holtz Victorian Rose and Frayed Burlap). The embossed/stamped area's resist the ink and only the paper part takes the ink, in this way you create the 'resist' design.
 The background looked like this before I began the rest of my page design (above)
 I then figured out my photo placement and added the tear design (above) and some more
Bo Bunny stamps that would surround my photo and did a little more 
stamping/heat embossing/inking to the page.

Bo Bunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Little Miss (Hannah, Jaquoya)
Cardstock: Bo Bunny Chiffon Double Dot, Clover Double Dot (leaves)
Flowers: Bo Bunny Natural Earth Dahlia, Natural Earth Daisy, Natural Earth Bouquet, Blush Bouquet
Lace: Natural Earth Lace, Blush Lace
Trinkets: Little Miss
Stamps: Enchanted, Powder Mountain, Forever Fall (plus an older Bo Bunny Flourish stamp)
Jewels: Apple Cider

Mahlin Wiggur
 I used the Lovestamp - stamp to create my own pattern on top of the pattern. I stamped and embossed randomly over my background and then cut out the insides from within the stamps, likes frames or windows and then adding other pieces of patterned paper from the back. 

I also stamped with a script stamp into my gesso.. It gives a nice texture to the gesso when it dries and you can see hints of text in there.. Of course when doing that my stamp got all white so instead of cleaning it all off I stamped a few times with it aswell. 

Bo Bunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Airmail, Flutter, Flowers, tiles, banners/Love Letters, 
Sunshine/Snow day, Brenna/Little Miss
Stamps: Powder Mountain, Love letters
Jewels: Snow day
Brads: Snow day
Buttons: Love letters
Stickers: Little letters Cardstock Stickers; Heart throb Cardstock stickers; Love letters Combo Stickers; Powder Mountain Combo Stickers; Love Letters Dimensional Stickers
Chipboard: Love Letters 12 x 12

Also, Gabrielle has more in depth tutorials on her blog if you'd like to learn even more!

Thanks you guys and don't forget....
The layout challenge from the 12th and the card challenge from the 2nd and 15th
are still going on... you don't want to miss out on fun prizes.


  1. Love the stamped layouts. Great inspiration and thanks for making it sound so much easier thank it looks on paper. Can't wait to play. time to go find my stamps.7

  2. absolutely stunning layouts!! today's reveal was incredible! WOW!!

  3. The minute I saw Gabrielle's page, I knew I wanted to try that too. And so I did. It's awesome! Not finished by a long shot, but I'm getting there. Thanks so much for the inspiration, ladies.

  4. Now I'm inspired to stamp! Thanks so much everyone!

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  7. LOVE Gabrielle's page!! Absolutely amazing!!!! Well done!!

  8. You girls rock this blog post. xxx Jolan

  9. Fantastic stamping ladies! As usual I am in love with Irene's and Gabrielle's layouts. I am enthralled with the ethereal feel of Gabrielle's. I would love to capture that and am going to give it a try. Inspiration is wonderful!

  10. Wow, amazing, inspiring pages. Love the resist technique. I really need to pull that out and use it again! Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!! ~ Blessings, Tracey


  11. Wonderful job done by all--beautiful layouts. Loved Gabrielle instructions and all the others different ways to use stamps.
    So looking forward to the blog class start up. Have missed you, Kris.
    Thanks for all you do to share such wonderful ideas with us.

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