Saturday, December 7, 2013

What a GREAT Misc Me idea!

Most us know that a Misc Me 8 x 9 binder can be used as a journal, planner, or recipe book.

Have you stopped to think of the other creative uses of a Misc Me?

Bernii and Agnieszka have both shared with us their creative use of the Misc Me product line.

Bernii's GREAT idea: Turn her Misc Me into a showcase album of her own personal handmade clothes.

Agnieska's GREAT idea: transform her Misc Me into a collage of fashion clippings from magazines, add pictures and leave space for her daughter to write her thoughts.

"Sew" Misc Me album using the Pincushion Collection by Bernii Miller

When I first saw the brand new Pincushion collection, I knew instantly what I wanted to document with all of these gorgeous papers. I love all things hand-made and love to create when ever possible. So much so that I started my own hand-made clothing brand. I have always taken pictures of the clothing that I make, but I never really knew how to document them, until BoBunny released this collection. 

I have created different tabbed sections within my album using the fun elements direct form the Misc Me Pincushion Journal Contents pack. All I did to create the dividers was align the pages with the clips, marked in with pencil where they aligned and then used my hole punch. 

I also grabbed different elements from the Noteworthy pack and decided to add some extra tags in for more interactive fun. The Noteworthy pack is full of so many fun die cuts, that the possibilities are endless. 

Here is a close up of the tag with a Pincushion Cardstock sticker added onto it. I then finished it off with some punched butterflies and a cute bow using seam binding tape. 

When I created this little Misc Me album I wanted to use as many fun and interactive elements as possible. I was lucky to have an extra bow in my sewing stash, that I simply adhered some Dimensional Magic to the back and stuck it right down on the cute paper frame. I also cut up some of the Pincushion Patchwork paper and cut the strips down to fit the length of the album. Again I just measured out the spaces of the clips and punched holes into the strips. It is just another little way to add a fun element and I really find it helps to unite the two pages in the album into one. 

Then to finish off the album I created a spine to match the album contents using again the Sew Cute card stock sticker, adhering it to some card stock and creating a banner. 

I have created more fun elements through out my Misc Me album and you can check them out on my blog over at There you can see more of how I used the Pincushion collection to create my Misc Me album.

Bo Bunny Supplies: 
Misc Me: Kraft Binder
Misc Me: Page Protectors 3x4, 3x4 /4x6, 4x6.
Patterned Paper: Tailored, Polka Dot, Pattern, Patchwork , 6x6 Paper Pad/Pincushion
Card stock: Passion fruit Stripe/ Doubledot.
Journal Contents: Pincushion
Stickers: Combo Sticker, Cardstock
Noteworthy: Pincushion
Chipboard: Pincushion
Buttons: Pincushion

Fashion and Style Misc Me by Agnieszka Bellaidea

I never expected I would have so much fun creating a project with the new Misc Me products. I had the idea of mixing photos, fashion ideas and hand notes. I remember a long time ago seeing my Mom make something similar.

I mostly used elements from the Pincushion collection, but I also added some parts from The Avenues and Zip-A-Dee-Doodle to show you how nicely our collections mix together.

I think Misc Me can be a great gift for someone and I hope my girl will like this one I made for her. I left plenty of space for her to fill in and we can continue to work together on this because there are still many pages left.

BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned paper: Backstitch, Tread Count, Sew Fun, Measurements / Pincushion
6x6 Paper Pad: Pincushion
Stickers:  Pincushion Combo Sticker
Noteworthy: Pincushion
Stamps: Wall to Wall Textures Stamps
Chipboard:  Pincushion 12 x 12 Chipboard, Zip-A-Dee-Doodle Layered Chipboard, Gabrielle Layered Chipboard Stickers
Jewels Flourishes: Chocolate Jewels
Blossoms: Denim Blue Zinna
Buttons: Pincushion
Misc Me: Kraft Binder
Misc Me: Kraft Dividers
Misc Me: Note Paper
Misc Me: Pincushion Journal Contents
Misc Me: Page Protector 6x8
Misc Me: Page Protector 3x4/4x5in

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  1. Fabulous Misc Me ideas! You both used it in such a fab way!