Saturday, April 12, 2014

12 x 12 Misc Me

What a week! Wanna dip your toes into pocket style scrapping? Misc Me will make your experience fun and easy!

Week 25 by Bernii Miller

It is so exciting that BoBunny has released their brand new 12 x 12 Misc Me range alongside the Journal card sets to each of their new releases. It makes putting together weekly spreads seamless as all the cards are so well coordinated and take out all the guess work.   

BoBunny also has some new fun page protector layouts and combinations which I love, as it helps to keep the week a little bit more interesting.  
BoBunny Supplies: 
Misc Me: Journal cards set: Our Lil' Monster
Stickers: Our Lil' Monster Combo Sticker; Our Lil' Monster Layered Chipboard Stickers; Our Lil' Monster Carstock Sticker.
Noteworthy: Our Lil' Monsters
Buttons: Our Lil' Monster
6 x 6 paper Pad: Our Lil' Monster
Misc Me Binder: Black 12 x 12
Misc Me Page Protectors: 12 x12 Variety Pack

Spelling Bee Misc Me by Keri Babbitt

I truly adore the full 12 x 12" size of Misc Me that BoBunny now offers.  I can so quickly and easily add to whichever family album I choose, by filling each pocket of the page protector with a variety of papers, photos, memorabilia, and accents.

The Pop Quiz collection was a great complement for these photos about my daughter's spelling bee, and I was thrilled to find that the cheetah-print paper from the Modern Miss collection was the perfect matching accent for the shirt my daughter was wearing!

After filling each pocket, I accented over the top of the page protector with chipboard, buttons, and wood accents.  I love how it looks when the larger accents unify several pocket-sections.

My final touch was journaling strips and sequins, and just like that I have a full-size two-page spread for my daughter's School Days keepsake album.  Love that.

BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Bold/Modern Miss; Bookworm, Graduation, Hall Pass/Pop Quiz
Stickers: Modern Miss Combo Sticker; Pop Quiz Sticker
Noteworthy: Pop Quiz
Buttons: Happy Tails; Pop Quiz
Chipboard: Pop Quiz 12 x 12
Misc Me Binder: Black 12 x 12
Misc Me Page Protectors: 12 x12 Variety Pack
Kraft: Wood Shapes School


  1. I just can't get enough of all the beautiful Misc Me creations that I'm seeing! These are amazing also!

  2. Stunning guys rock Misc Me! ;-)

  3. The lil'monster LO's are the funnest I have seen forever