Sunday, October 25, 2015

Love and Lace Cards & Box!

Hello Everyone! Today we have a few lovelies from the Love & Lace collection! Our Love & Lace collection is a beautiful gathering of lace, flowers, leather and soft dusty colors. It lends itself perfectly to projects that feature love and friendship, in a feminine but rustic way.

First up is this Love & Lace card. The pockets are made to perfectly fit a letter, a gift card or perhaps a small gift.

Next is a pretty little gift box made from chipboard and covered in Love & Lace Devotion paper. 

With a tag added, and a big bow is tie on top, this box is ready for gift giving!

1 Love & Lace Devotion
1 Love & Lace Together
1 Love & Lace Always
1 Love & Lace Forever
1 Love & Lace Passion
1 Love & Lace Lace
1 Licorice Dot
1 Carnival Brads
1 Sentiments Silver Foil Transfer
1 Misc Me 12 x 12 Chipboard Inserts
2 yd. ribbon

Next we have a 2 more lovely cards using Love & Lace! And instructions for you too! The first cards instructions are as below:

Base is  4 1/4" x 11 from Love & Lace Together (back)
Cut  5" x 3 3/4" from Love & Lace Always (back)  then cut from top left corner to bottom right corner forming a diagonal
Adhere 1/2 of doily under diagonal. Fussy cut 3 sizes of flowers from Love & Lace*, use foam dots to give dimension.
Apply foil transfer to card.
Adhere "Love" element from Love & Lace (back)

*Use caution when cutting the Love & Lace paper so that you retain the brown "Love" piece shown on the first card  and the blue "Love" circle shown in the center element of the second card.

 The next Love & Lace card is beautiful and here are the instructions for this card:

  Base is 6" x 10" cut from  Sweet Pear Dot (back), fold.
Cut Love & Lace (front) 5 3/4" x 4 3/4" adhere to front of card.
Cut Sweet Pear Dot (back) 1 1/4" x 6"  spray with bronze Glimmer spray - let dry
Cut Seafoam Dot (front) 1" x 6" adhere to top of sprayed piece.
Adhere 1/2 doily to top left of Love & Lace piece.
Apply sprayed band2 1/2" from top of card.
Cut Seafom Dot (back)  3" x 4" cut bottom at angles to form banner
Cut Love & Lace Together 2 3/4" x 4 1/4" spray with bronze glimmer spray - let dry. Cut bottom at same angle as
Adhere to seafoam piece, then card
Cut label from back of love and Lace, adhere to card with foam dots.
Add blue "Love" work from back of Love & Lace.
Randomly apply dots to card with Coral Pearlescent- let dry

Supply List for both Cards: 
Love & Lace 19001201
Love & Lace Lace 19001207
Love & Lace Together 19001210
Love & Lace Always 19001203
Seafoam Dot 12SFD707
Coral Pearlescents 12040598
Bronze Glimmer Spray 11837615
Copper Filigree Foil Transfer 12812162

Small Doilies 10522770

We hope you love these fun project as much as we do! Happy crafting and as always, please do share what you create! We love seeing what your creations. (don't forget, use #bobunny!) 


  1. That card with the pockets
    is wonderful! Love all the
    beautiful projects.
    Carla from Utah

  2. That card with the pockets
    is wonderful! Love all the
    beautiful projects.
    Carla from Utah