Sunday, December 8, 2019

8 jan_goals-Malin

Hi everyone!

Happy new year everyone and may the 2020 be a really nice year for all of you!

So I´m back today with a layout I made with a few goals that I have for 2020.
Of course have more goals in life but this is a few of them for this layout.
This layout is suposed to be in the begining of my album for 2020 but if you do project life this is also nice to have in the begining of your book.

I think a fun thing would be to ask every family member what goals they have for 2020, small or big, and then make a layout about it for everyone.
In the end of 2020 it will be nice and fun to go back and se if any of the goals was reached.

So this is some of my goals for 2020 on my layout, I hope you will like the idea and make your own.

I have been using the new count the ways collection for this one, I just love the look of it and it´s a style that really suits ME. I love pink and flowers and the little romantic look of it.
Also together with some other bits and peaces from other collection. LOVE the dots and hope they will make this for every collection.

I hope you will enjoy. <3

I have been using:
Count the way paper collection
Count the ways notheworthy #7310944
Christmas tresaures candy dots #7310927
Sweet clementine foil letter stickers #7310441 

White cardstock
Black gesso

Have a really nice day!

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