Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wedding Box Tutorial!

Hello Everyone! I am very busy preparing my daughter's wedding and I am making each detail for the reception.

Wedding Bathroom Box Tutorial

I thought a bathroom box be a really nice touch for your guests at the reception. So I did a tutorial for a wedding bathroom box using the versatile BoBunny Double Dot card stock and doilies.

Here are a few close ups:

I hope you enjoy this tutorial:

1. I used a box with divisors. First of all, I painted the edges that won't be covered with papers.

2. I used Island Mist Chevron Double Dot to cover the  inside of the box and dividers.

3. I mixed water and acrylic gesso on a spray bottle and I sprayed it on the papers.

4.  I used Bo Bunny Sugar chevron and Frost Dot to make envelopes for the products that I chose.  I       used the products to measure the envelopes.

5. I applied turquoise ink pad on the edges of the envelopes.

6.  I sprayed the acrylic gesso on the envelopes.

7.  I glued the doilies on each envelope and I removed the excess with a scissors.

8. Some drops of aqua acrylic paint on the envelopes.

 9. I covered the outside of the box using Sugar Dot. After, I applied turquoise ink pad.

10.  I printed monograms using free templates and cut out them. After I adhered them with 3D Foam.

11. I printed the names of the products on the vellum.

12.  I used Sugar Dot to make the cover. IT stamped it with" It is written" stamp. After, only some    drops of aqua acrylic paint.

13. I printed the monograms of the bride and the groom on the Frost Dot and I used a resin frame to finish it.

 14.   I glued it on the cover of the box and added Frosting Jewels an Flowers.

15. Now, it's only place each envelope on the box, and it is ready for the reception!

BoBunny Supplies:
Cardstock: Sugar Chevron, Island Mist Chevron, Frost Dot, Sugar Dot.
Stamps: It is written
Blossoms: Denim Blue Dahlia
Doilies: 4” small
Jewel Flourishes: Frosting Jewels


  1. Amei, lindo como tudo que vocĂȘ faz Solange.

  2. Wow - will definitely be showing my daughter who is also planning her wedding. :)

  3. Awesome idea and you have inspired me to make one and put it in my bathroom for guests.

  4. Very nice! That is going to look beautiful at the reception in the bathroom.