Friday, June 29, 2012

I ♥ Fussy Cutting.....

I really do love to fussy cut... I think it's relaxing and fun to do.
I usually save up my fussy cutting jobs in a file folder and keep them with me,
so when I'm waiting at the doctor's office, or sitting in the car waiting for the
school bell to ring, I oolways have something to do.

Not to mention... it just looks AWESOME!
Check out what the girls have done today...

Dance With Me
by Debbie Sherman

Bo Bunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Serenity,Serenity Love,Serenity Blossoms
Stickers: Serenity Dimensional Stickers, Serenity Combo Stickers
Noteworthy: Serenity
Jewels: Serenity 
Rub-ons: Serenity
Chipboard: Serenity Layered Chipboard

Designer Tips:
One of my favorite techniques is to use coordinating patterned papers to embellish my page. I like papers with larger patterns on them. 
Find the patterns you want to use and cut out around them, for tight areas use your craft knife. 
I like to add stickles to the edges of my fussy cut embellishment, not only does it make it sparkle but it covers up any imperfections in your cutting.
Make your fussy cut embellishments pop off the page with foam will give your layout dimension and you can layer your patterns this way, tuck flowers or journaling tags under them.

2 seconds, 4 poses, 1 cutie!

Bo Bunny Supplies: 
Patterned Paper: Hello Sunshine, Picnic
 Sweetness, Busy Bee
Stickers: Hello Sunshine Combo 
Chipboard: Hello Sunshine 
Noteworthy: Hello Sunshine

Designer tip -- I know that some crafters look at a piece of pattern paper and think, "What am I going to do with that pattern?" -- My answer to that is -- "Cut it up!" I love to do fussy cutting, one sheet of paper can be used for most of your embellishments!! For my layout I only used 3 sheets of 12x12 paper, 3 pieces of chipboard flowers, one journal card from the Noteworthy collection and 3 numbers from the combo sticker pack -- and that's it! And I still have left overs from the papers that I cut the flowers from to use on another project! And my layout looks nice and full, and I barely used any supplies! Fussy cutting is a GREAT way to create your own embellishments! Have fun with it!!

Live your dream
by Jolanda Meurs

Bo Bunny Supplies:

Patterned Paper: Little Miss,Jaquoya, Brenna
Cardstock: Coffee, Coral, Clover Dot
Jewels: Little Miss
Petals: Littler Miss

Dimentional Stickers: Little Miss  

Designers tip: Make the petals wet and wrinkled them to small clots. When they are dry open the clots and make layers. Finally press a brad trought the middle. Use some glitter on the petals.

Check out this masterpiece made by:
 Lily Tasman 
My Scrapbook Ideas- Indonesia-design team member
Here's a little note from Lily...
Hi..My name is Lily Tasman, I came from Indonesia. I started scrapbooking on January 2012 and a month afterwards, I was asked by Mrs. Grace and Mrs. Regina to come and join MSI (My Scrapbook Ideas) design team, the first ever scrapbook store in Bandung City, my hometown.

I enjoy working on projects and prefer to work on a bigger media such as Album and Canvas - the bigger the media the more exciting the project is. The bigger the media the more for me to express endless imagination. Oh it’s so much fun to think of it!

Where do all those inspirations come from? Hmmm…. to be completely honest I was letting myself flow doing it, I would bring those papers and its embellishments everywhere I go and in my free spare time, i would open and see them, and inspirations would come to me suddenly. When I was looking at Little Miss papers, all of a sudden, an imaginary window appeared on my mind and when I saw lines paper, a canopy appeared. So when I was asked where did all those inspirations come from? I would say they are from those papers and embellishments themselves. It really is a pleasant and enjoyable moment over the process of Little Miss project. I hope you would also have inspirations when you see this project. God Bless you.

Amazing, right?
So, the moral of this story is...
don't be afraid to do a little fussy cutting.
You might just like it!!!


  1. I'm convinced...I need to do more fussy cutting. Your projects are breathtaking!


    That masterpiece is out of this world! What a great diorama.

    Jaw dropping, mouth watering, fingers itching, no words for it.

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  9. Oh my goodness, what wonderful layouts and I too love fussy cutting. The projects today are amazing and fantastic. Great job to the DT. Thanks

  10. Holy smokes! While I have absolutely no desire to fussy cut to this extent, that diorama is amazing!

  11. I was at a crop once, fussy cutting, and everyone thought I was nuts! Of course then they saw the finished project....

  12. I was at a crop once, fussy cutting, and everyone thought I was nuts! Of course then they saw the finished project....

  13. These are all gorgeous!! WOW WOW WOW!!! Lily... I absolutely loveeeeeeeee your altered project!!! BEAUTIFUL!!

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  17. That masterpiece is out of this world!

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