Thursday, June 28, 2012

Layouts in under an hour??? Are you outta your mind???

One of the excuses we hear most often around here is...
"I don't have enough time...."

So today our FABU design team has shown us some great examples
on creating fabulous layouts in under an hour.

Sweet Taste of Summer
by Mireille Divjak

Mireille tells us:
"Sometimes you have a picture that says more then a thousand words and the most perfect quotes to go with it. I knew right away with this photo that I would love to keep it clean and simple. I love the print on the patterned paper which didn't need much more than a sticker with the perfect quote and a few embellishments.. I love it when in our busy lives we can create something beautiful without spending too much time."

Bo Bunny Supplies used:
Patterned Paper: Sweet Pea, Hello Sunshine/ Hello Sunshine!!
Petals: Hello Sunshine!
Cardstock Stickers: Hello Sunshine!
Combo STickers: Hello Sunshine!
Chipboard: Hello Sunshine!
brads: Hello Sunshine!
jewels: Hello Sunshine!
rubons: Hello Sunshine!

Then Sam suggests: "Don't be afraid to mix and match the Bo Bunny Collections. You'll be amazed how well many of them co-ordinate! When you think of the older Barefoot and Bliss collection you don't automatically think to match it with On the Go but their colours work well together! So go ahead, I challenge you to mix your collections!"

SPLASH and Gear up for fun
By Samantha Wright

Bo Bunny Supplies used:
Double Dot: Burnt Orange Vintage
Patterned Paper: On the Go, Roads, Scooter, Cut Outs/ On the Go
Chipboard: Barefoot and Bliss 12"
Stickers: Dimensional stickers, Combo Stickers/Barefoot and Bliss
Noteworthy: Barefoot and Bliss

And I'm going to TOTES agree with Julie when she says:
"When making layouts in under an hour - using Bo Bunny's noteworthy packs help make that happen! They are a quick and easy embellishment to add to your pages, and they are gorgeous to boot!! As you can see in my closeup on my layout, you can see three teacups 'stacked' on top of each other -- those are all included in the Noteworthy package!"

by: Julie Tucker-Wolek

Bo Bunny Supplies used:

Patterned Paper: Miss Lizzie, Little Miss, 6x6 pad
Stickers: Combo Stickers/Little Miss
Noteworthy: Little Miss

Julie also gives an excellent reminder: "I love making layouts in under an hour! Most of my layouts take about 30-40 minutes (this one took about 35 minutes) -- and my secret in getting this accomplished is I no longer over think my pages! I used to place the paper here, the paper there, move it here, move it there, pick up that embellishment, move it here, move it there and so on!! Well, then I started thinking about it -- why do I scrapbook? So that everyone can tell me that the paper I placed a certain way looks fabulous?? No! I scrapbook to carry on my family legacy! I scrapbook to give my kids a glimpse to their past! So then I stopped stressing about where every paper and embellishment went, and just started making my pages without over thinking!  So, now all my layouts get done in no time! Just have fun!"


  1. Beautiful, quick layouts...IT CAN BE DONE in under an HOUR!

  2. Gorgeous creations Mireille and Samantha!!! I just loveeeeeee them both!!!!

  3. What fabulous layouts. So much fun. Great job.

  4. These are fabulous. A great reminder of why we scrap. It is about our families, not trying to reach perfection every time. I love all the projects! Thanks Bo Bunny!

  5. Amazing layouts in less than an hour!!!!!