Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Who loves hexagons???

With hexagons becoming so trendy in art, home decor and scrapbooking...
we thought we would try our hand at playing with them.
The girls have come up with awesome ideas you are going to
want to pin, print or save for sure!!

Title: Cheesy Kids
Irene Tan

Bo Bunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Breezy, Stripe/Hello Sunshine
Stickers: Hot Hot Hot Cardstock Sticker; Hello Sunshine Combo Sticker
Jewels: Hello Sunshine
Rub-ons: Hello Sunshine
Chipboard: Hello Sunshine 12 x 12
Petals: Hello Sunshine
Clear Stamp: Hello Sunshine

Designer Tip: To create the hexagon photographs, I've used Microsoft Word software. 
Click on the "Insert" tab and select "Shapes". Choose the hexagon shape and create a hexagon. When you're done, go to the "Drawing Tool" tab and click on "Shape fill". 
Select "picture" and choose whichever photograph you want to use from your computer.
 The photograph will automatically fit into the hexagon. 
You can drag the hexagon to make it bigger or smaller.
(note: to have a better hexagon photograph, try to crop your photograph into a "square" shape first using picture editing software such as Picasa or Photoshop. This will ensure that the subject will still be in the middle of the hexagon photograph.)

Title: New Space
Julie Tucker-Wolek

Bo Bunny Supplies:

Patterned Paper: Breezy, Stripe, Daydream/Hello Sunshine
Stickers: Hot Hot Hot Cardstock Sticker
Chipboard: Hello Sunshine 12 x 12
Clear Stamp: Hello Sunshine

Designer tip: To create my border, I used Hello Sunshine's little hexagon stamp and stamped 
all the way around the edges of my page! It only took me a few minutes to do this -
 and it gave my page a fun hexagon border! 

Hello Sunshine
By Samantha Wright

Bo Bunny Supplies:
Double Dot: Aquamarine Dot, Buttercup Flourish
Patterned Paper: Stripe, Little Things/ Hello Sunshine
Petals: Hello Sunshine
Stickers: Lazy Days Cardstock Stickers, Hot Hot, Hot Cardstock stickers
Jewels: Forever Fall

Designer Tip: Since I was using a large photo, I cut out the center of the patterned paper as the photo mats/photo cover this space (hexagons) and then used this piece to 3D some of the hexagons to add dimension. I used chalk ink around the edges to add interest

I hope you guys are LOVIN' hexagons as much as I am....
Let me know what you've done with them and be sure to
post your projects/layouts on facebook!!!


  1. Thanks for the projects! Irene, love your Word hexagon tip!

  2. I love hexagons! These layouts are so eye catching and full of cheerfulness. Wow!

  3. Fabulous!!! I'm always looking for new ways to use hexagons..and Bo Bunny has done it again!! Thanks for inspiring me to go give it a try!

  4. Super cute projects! Love the idea of cutting the Hexagon out from a photo!

  5. Loveeeeee what Irene and Samantha made!!! Gorgeous!!!! Love hexagons!!!

  6. Great projects and I love the tip about the software. Thanks

  7. I love your page Samantha. I love how your eye is drawn to the photo because of the layers, almost as if falling into the page. It's great!!

  8. These projects are all wonderful! Irene's is my favorite. Using the hexagons for her photos was brilliant!

  9. You girls Rock. Love all the projects. xxx Jolan