Tuesday, July 24, 2012

♪ ♫ I wanna STAMP with somebody.... ♫ ♪

♪ I wanna use the INK with somebody ♫  ♪

It's amazing what you can do with stamps.
I often forget to use my stamps, and then the girls go and do
amazing things with them and I'm all gung-ho to get mine out.

Mother's love lasts a lifetime
by: Tomoko Takahashi

 Gorgeous, right?
 Love all the detail.  A little detail goes a long way!
 Bo Bunny Supply List:

Patterned Paper: Alice, Brenna, Jaquoya, Maree, Cut Outs/ Little Miss

Stickers: Combo Sticker/ Little Miss

Rub-ons: Little Miss

Chipboard: Little Miss
Stamps: Ambrosia, Little Miss

2 handen op 1 buik
Romy Veul

 Bo Bunny Supply List:

Patterned Paper: Dreams, Flourish, Front Door, Porch Swing, Portrait, Stripe/ Welcome Home; Cut Outs, Glimpse/Country Garden

Stamps: Et Cetera, Timepiece

Rub-ons: Country Garden

Noteworthy: Country Garden
Stickers: Welcome Home Combo Sticker

Designer Tip: On this layout I wanted the stamped clocks to be the main embellishments on my layout. To make sure they really catch the eye, I stamped them on a piece of a paper, cut them out and then layered them using foamtape. I added a few circles that I cut out from the Country Garden 'Glimpse' paper, a banner and three fussy cut butterflies to finish off my layout. As you can see, you don't need many pre-made embellishments to achieve an embellished look. A few cut out and stamped images will do too.

This is a great tip from Romy!  Just sayin'... I tried to google translate the title, and it must be a dutch saying cuz the literal translation is " 2 hands on 1 belly."  So Romy, will you tell us what it means and where the saying comes from pretty please???

Card Kit Personified
by Debbie Sherman

 I love how easy it is to add to the card kits.
You can make them as simple or as complicated as you want.
I also love that the stamps coordinate so well with the line.

 It's so awesome what a little embossing powder, charm and fiber does to a card.
Designer Tip: To add a little exta to the Serenity card kit I added stamping with the coordinating stamps from the Serenity line. I embossed them with ultra thick gold powder to give the cards more texture and to make the stamping stand out from the rich colors of the paper.

I hope that song is stuck in your heads like it is mine now... ha ha
Happy Stamping and make sure to share with us!

♪ ♫ With somebody who loves me... ♪ ♫


  1. 2 hands on 1 belly roughly translates as "partners in crime", or "through thick & thin". Best friends.

    Nice lay out, Romy!

  2. Lovely layouts... I'm an avid stamper, but then I'm not so much for the layouts, so it's more automatic for me. These are beautiful!
    Alison x

  3. Gorgeous projects, Tomoko and Debbie! The Bo Bunny stamps are so amazing!

    Thank you for your translation, Carin:) You're perfectly right!

  4. I love that!!!! Thanks Carin.

  5. I love to see what designers are doing with stamps. I have so many and love to be inspired to get them out!

  6. all your projects are so inspiring, thank you for posting

  7. What amazing stamping and embossing. Such fab inspiration here - Thanks!! ~ Blessings, Tracey


  8. wow gorgeous projects!! love the 2 layouts and the cards!!

  9. Beautiful projects! Yes, it does make you want to get your stamps out!
    Beautiful cards too !!

  10. gorgeous use of stamps on the layouts. And i like the gold embossing with the Serenity line. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I totally have that song stuck in my head now! LOL!! I love love love love everyone's creations today!! WOW!!!! The stamping is AMAZING!!!

  12. Love the twinkle on Tomoko's layout. The cards certainly will extend my use of the papers.