Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Interactive Cards

What a fun day...
We have cards that are interactive and a super fun idea for kids.

Quick story.... most women love handmade cards, right?
We tend to hang onto them if they are handmade.

That really wasn't my mom's thing... and that's okay.
But my dad... Different story.
I was helping my mom clean up one day and in my dad's dresser drawer...
There was every card/invite etc. I had ever made him.
It made my day, (and many many days since then too) to think
what I made was that important to him. The end.

Hello Friend 
by Lynn Shokoples
 This fun little card swings open in the middle. 
I used the Prairie Chic Noteworthy package to decorate the whole card. 
There are so many fun elements in the package! 
Great for layering or for adding that little something.
 The little envelope was a piece from the Noteworthy package. I added a few other pieces to decorate it. I'm going to surprise someone with a gift card tucked inside.

BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Prairie Chic
Brads: Prairie Chic
Noteworthy: Prairie Chic
Stickers: Country Diva Cardstock Stickers, Dimensional Stickers/ Prairie Chic

Happy Birthday
Debbie Sherman

 BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Surprise! Birthday
Cardstock: Double Dot Kiwi Dot
Stickers: Surprise! Dimensional Stickers 
Noteworthy: Surprise
Jewels: Surprise
Ribbon: Buttercup Ribbon Spool

If you can dream it you can do it
by Sam Wright
 BoBunny Supplies:
Double dot cardstock: Deep Sea dot
Patterned Paper: Woodland Picnic, Field Journal, Mix Stripe / Trail Mix
Stickers: Camping Cardstock stickers, Combo Stickers / Trail Mix
Ribbon: 3/8" chocolate double dot ribbon
Buttons: assorted Bo Bunny buttons

Card Help
Mireille Divjak
 Interactive cards.. when I was thinking about this I couldn't get this "card Help" out of my mind. When I was younger my grandmother taught me children's card games. I had a lot of trouble holding the cards in my hands so she made me a card Help. 
 Seeing the playing cards on the patterned paper,
 kinda put one and one together. 
It's a very simple idea. 
I used 4 coasters, decorated them on both sides with patterned paper. 
Used Noteworthy for further decoration purposes. To protect the 
"Card Help" in case we want to play at sea in the summer I cut circles from plastic wrapping material. I put two coasters together, put the plastic 
circles on the outside, put buttons in the middle and poked holes. 
Then I stitched everything together. In the space between the two 
coasters you can put your playing cards.
Hope they will have hours of playing fun holding there BoBunny Card Help. 

BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Anthem/ capital and 12"
Noteworthy: Anthem
Cardstock Stickers: Anthem / USA
Buttons: Weekend Market

So much fun.... what fun interactive things have you guys come up with???
Make sure to let us know and if you have a photo... share it on facebook!


  1. They all turned out so beautiful! Fab work, ladies!

  2. Great cards and all so different so lots of inspiration, thank you

  3. What fun cards, everyone!
    Love the Card Help...I'm going to have to give it a go for my 9yo.

  4. I am loving that story about your dad!! So sweet!! LOVING all the cards ... especially that card help one! totally pinning that!!!!

  5. What a great idea for tiny hands!! Thank you for sharing! The cards are beautiful as always ladies!

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  7. Loved the inspiration today ladies! Really heartwarming story and a great reminder that our creations mean so much to others, even if we don't always hear that.

    The Card Helper is such a cute idea, I'm totally making those for my boys! Great inspiration today ladies!

  8. Such amazing card ideas!! I love them all! xo

  9. Love interactive cards. These are gorgeous - going to have to figure out how to make them.