Thursday, September 11, 2014

8 x 9 Souvenir Misc Me

Oh the places you go
Oh the pictures you take
Try Misc Me for the project you'll make.

It has pockets with cards that fit just right
Your finished product is sure to be a delight!

Zante Misc. Me by Tracee Provis

The Misc Me 8 x 9 is perfect for recording your vacations, Zante Greece is a favorite holiday spot for me and I am using the 8 x 9 size to document my times there.

I love all the different sized pockets and this gives you lots of selection for photo sizes. You can also add elements to the outside of your pockets which can give a layered look without it being to bulky in your folder.

Bo Bunny has a whole host of stamps and I love to pull them out and add them to the pages With the addition of the new ink pads, I stamped the circle from the On This Day set with the Sugar ink pad. I then embossed it with clear ink and added the Sept stamp with the Emerald color. I love the way you can still see the details in the circle stamp after its been embossed.

Bo Bunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Getaway, This Way, Sightseeing, Navigation/Souvenir
6 x 6 pad: Souvenir, Modern Miss
Chipboard: Souvenir
Misc Me Binder: Souvenir
Misc Me Contents: Souvenir
Misc Me Journal Box Set: Pop Quiz, Modern Miss
Misc Me Notepaper: Avenues
Washi Tape: Modern Miss
Stamps: On This Day, Captured, To The Point
Ink Pads: Sugar, Emerald, Licorice
Pearlescents: Blush