Thursday, August 16, 2012

Layouts with limited supplies

Today we are making one page layouts with our formula.
In case you've forgotten, it's as follows...

3 sheets of patterned paper
1 sheet of cardstock
1 sheet of stickers
1 package of embellishments of your choice

I think you're going to love what you can do with such a few products!!

Your Smile
Tara Orr
Designer Tip: To lengthen the life of your embellies and stretch their use, don't hesitate to cut them in half, disassemble them, paint them, mist them, stamp on them, etc. Remember, all of your embellishments are alterable. I tore apart most of my flowers and tucked some of them under my papers and kept some as is. I also took off the centers of some of the flowers and used them as embellishments around my photo.
 Bo Bunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Journey, Cut-Outs, Dot/Apple Cider
Stickers: We Are Family Cardstock Stickers/Apple Cider
Cardstock: Gingerbread Vintage
Blossoms: Buttercup Daisy
(Stamps: Urban Acrylic, Et Cetera Clear, Midnight Frost Clear) 

 Best Friends
  Agnieszka Piskorz
 Designer tip: My picture is very colorful, so I went bright background. Colored strips of paper pointed out the picture. I try to choose colors that match the pictures.

Bo Bunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Around, Postage/Weekend Market ; Mistletoe Chevron;
Cardstock: Chiffon Journal
Rub ons: Detour
Stickers: Combo Stickers Camp a Lot

 Out in the Woods
Sarah Eclavea
 Designer Tips: When using a few supplies cut up patterend paper to make your own. I cut out the trees from the Camp-A-Lot paper to create my tree embellishments and cut my scraps to create a banner. I saved all my scraps to create banners on cards and other projects.

Bo Bunny Supplies:
Patterend Paper: Camp-a-lot, Firewood, Starry Night/ Camp-A-Lot
Stickers: Combo Stickers/ Camp-A-Lot
Chipboard: 12x12 Chipboard/ Camp-A-Lot

Spring Break
Robbie Herring
Designer Tips: Make your stickers go further by using them as embellishments and in the place of title. To give mine more the look of embellishments, I added lots of foam dots.
Also, try keeping to specific shapes to pull your page together. Since I used squares for my paper design, I chose to use round brads for my embellishing. Punched circles and circle stickers compliment the brads and make layering the embellishments easy.
Ideas for more uses: Brads are such an easy embellishment to work with. 
They will fit pretty much anywhere. I keep my left over brads in a drawer so 
I can pull them out for added detailing on my pages.
 Bo Bunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper-Detour Stripe, Cut Outs, Recalculating
Double Dot Cardstock-Cranberry Dot
Stickers-Detour Home Sweet Hotel

These girls make me feel like anythings possible!  So if you happen to be
on a budget or you don't have a lot of time... make sure to take note and don't
forget to share your creations with us!
You guys are the best!!! 


  1. All the layouts...Fabulous! I'm amazed at with these girls did with limited supplies! WOW!

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  4. Quanta página linda... adorei os projetos!

    Estes são os LOs que criei com a coleção Country Gardem... amei trabalhar com esses papeis:

    Espero que gostem do meu trabalho!


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