Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Game On! and Pentart Lasur Gel Indoor with Irit

Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my Technique Tuesday post today!

Let's say that I am not much of a sports lover. Maybe even the totally opposite? So making a sport collection project has been an interesting challenge for me.  But, I think (and I hope you agree) that I found the way to make it fun an even to give it  one of my family members who loves sports!

So  also we are talking about techniques today.  So, this is not a real tutorial, but mostly some tips and tricks that I discovered while I was making this piece.

Here how it looks on the wall, also it will be moved from my wall and delivered to my dear son-in-law in a couple of days.

Sports Wall Decor by Irit Shalom

This was the bare wood dollar store three part frame with corkboard on the top, wooden frame in the middle and a cute little box for the bottom section.

While making this piece I managed to remake the cork into a half of a magnetic board.

The photo frame was remade to chalk board and the box is still the box.

So, first I painted  the whole piece with Pentart Cottage Green Lasur Indoor gel. This stuff is neat to use as it colors the wood but still lets the grain show through

I really love this "not so perfect" look of the wood that you get with this paint.   I painted one single layer and decided to leave it this way.

The middle portion was painted with two layers of chalkboard paint. Yes, this is glass chalkboard paint and here is my first tip: it WORKS-perfectly even on the wooden surface.

Then I decided to leave half of the cork as is and to paint another half with magnetic paint.

It was another experiment and also I had to make three layers-it WORKS!

Here is the second tip for today: Pentart Magnetic paint works on soft cork surface as well.

Now, time for embellishing the painted piece.

I added small strong magnets over the chipboard piece without peeling the backing. If you want to peel the white glossy backing paper you need to add some baby powder over the glued side of those sticky chipboard pieces.

And here is another tip: BoBunny small chipboards make perfect quick in a minute magnets!

If you want  them to last forever cover them with a thick layer of Pentart Glossy Varnish.

First I tried to use chalk marker over the painted chalkboard part. The result was really disappointing.

So I tried the white pen and BINGO! You can use white pen and to wipe it off with a baby wipe. It works perfectly .

So I just added the white pen on the side using clear Velcro strip.

As you can see each part was also decorated with clear sticker.

And the last part was decorated with stickers, chipboards and handmade tags made with BoBunny craft dies.

So not much techniques to learn, but a lot of good tips to keep in mind while you work with Pentart products.

And a final look at this altered project:

BoBunny products used:

Game On!- Diamond 12'' cardstock

Game On!- First down 12'' cardstock

Game On!- Kick it 12'' cardstock

Game On! Noteworthy

Game On!- Chipboards

Game On!- Clear Stickers

Nested Terrific Tag dies

Tuxedo Brads

Pentart products used:

Lasur Gel Country Green

Chalkboard Paint for Glass

Magnetic paint

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